garden, therapy, + fresca breakfast

July 9, 2010

I had been waiting to create my own garden for years now, I just never had the space. One year I decided I was going to grow a garden in containers on the balcony of our old condo – and that worked…except when the cat tried to pee in the boxes or when he finally conquered them and flew off the second story balcony to their sudden death.
So this year, was the official first garden. Living at home does seem to have some benefits – mainly that if I was living on my own I probably could only afford this.

Here’s the progress!

In the summer we’re always looking for lighter, fresher, local(er) things to dine on..and we’re lucky that we get such a variety of delicious produce!

Fresca Omelet

(makes 1)
  • Basil Oil (Take a handful of basil and a half of cup (or so) of olive oil and puree in the food processor for a DELICIOUS oil that goes well on literally anything.)
  • Suzanne Brown’s Bruschetta
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
1. Take a teaspoon (or so) of the basil oil and whip it in the eggs with a fork, whip it really well to get lots of air into the eggs…probably about 1 minute..maybe a little bit under a minute
2. Preheat a pan and spray w/ some oil, butter, pam, what-have-you and drop the eggs in there and wait  (like you’re making an omelet), flip over after a minute and adjust the heat if necessary.
3. when cooked and nice and fluffy, put on a plate and top with the bruschetta, fresh herbs, and a little more basil oil if you please.

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