my mini break

November 24, 2009

needs a bit of wine.

So…things have been really hectic. I have been losing sleep, racing time, and pushing my limits throughout this past month and I’m sure this coming month will definitely step it up other notch. This morning I woke up and decided to give myself a little break. I stretched, did an hour of yoga and put on my spankin’ new pair of boots. I was fulling expecting to have a crazy day at work so I packed myself a lunch that could spark a little happiness in anyone’s day.

I had a total french-country side lunch right in front of my computer. I shut my monitor off, took a few deep breaths and pictured myself far far away from here. :)

I packed myself some crusty bread, sweet red grapes, some soft cheese, carrots, onion and sweet n’ tangy tomatos…and LET ME TELL YOU…this was a fantastic lunch. Throughout the copier failing, employees not showing up, students disregarding me…I was perfectly ok with the flavor/texture combination. I strongly suggest that everyone pack a country lunch like this every once in awhile.

I did not pack the wine because I’m certain that would get me fired…maybe not such a bad idea after all. :)


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